June 15, 2020

On May 31, we shared this message on our social channels and since then have taken a step back from designing and marketing as a team and have focussed our energy on this movement. We wanted to leave this message permanently here on our blog as a testament to our beliefs, and to share some links and resources with our community.

We stand in solidarity with the black community and all those fighting systemic racism and white supremacy. This week has been incredibly difficult and disturbing, and unfortunately none of this is new. So many of us benefit from the structures of violence and oppression that our country was built on and continue to bring harm to BIPOC. Those who have such privilege must use it to work towards change both societally and individually. We must practice radical empathy, educate ourselves in anti-racism, and take deliberate action.

Organizations we've been donating to. Please follow them, listen to them, amplify them:

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter LA


We Still Gotta Eat

Nationwide Bail Fund Split

Here are some local initiatives we support:

Reform LA Jails

Justice LA

Street Watch LA

More resources:

Black History Month Library

75 Things White People Can Do

Anti-Racism Resources

The Case for Reparations 

List of Organizations Benefiting Black Americans

10 (of many, many more) historical teachers, leaders and artists. Read their books, listen to them, get to know their stories, never stop learning:

Ida B. Wells

Martin Luther King

Angela Davis

Maya Angelou

Audre Lorde

Nina Simone

Muhammad Ali

James Baldwin

Toni Morrison

Bell Hooks 

If you see us begin to share our own content in the coming weeks it does not mean we have stopped fighting. Anti-racism work doesn't end when the protest ends, we are continuing in our commitment to educating ourselves, taking action, and supporting this movement.