#LACAUSAlibrary VOL. I

June 15, 2020

Introducing #LACAUSAlibrary, a series where we nerd out over books and share with all of you. First up, team LACAUSA shares a few of our favorite coffee table books that we've had the time to actually hang out with lately.

KELYNN, Creative Director: I love 90s realism and this book has all my favs in it. I reference this a lot, as you can see by the amount of pages I’ve marked. 
Left: this Wolfgang Tillmans makes me emotional and Kate Moss by Corinne Day
Right: Ellen von Unwerth and Richard Prince

I moved from Chinatown to a place with a yard last year and started a garden, I've been buying so many vintage gardening books since then!! 

A classic! This Ram Dass book has come with me everywhere I’ve moved since high school. These pages below feel super relevant right now 

REBECCA, Founder + Designer: These 3 beautiful books have been sitting on my coffee table for ages. It’s only in quarantine I’ve been able to really spend some time with them. 

An original I snagged from my parents collection. Printed and bound in Paris in 1973. What an incredible weirdo!

A beautiful gift from a girlfriend. I love watercolors so much.

Also a gift, this book is so beautiful to me. These sacred abstract paintings are are used to awaken heightened states of consciousness.  
Left: Plate 21 - “Each tender region bearing its own spiral, in an even stronger dispersal of the world’s energy, its Shakti."
Right: Plate 39 - "The purer the consciousness, the bluer and clearer the sky."

SAMANTHA, Design + Social: There's something so simple and pure about these books. I take inspiration from Shel's illustrations and poems, I love the feeling of nostalgia I get when I flick through these.

I'm a big magazine girl- always have a different rotation out on display. 

I bought this vintage book before I drove cross country last year, and although some of the info isn't relevant anymore, I'm a nerd and I like to study the maps and pick up random tidbits about different places I've traveled through. 

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