October 07, 2021

This quarter, we wanted to keep the cause close to home and partner with a community organization here in Los Angeles. When we met Abby from Color Compton, we fell in love with their mission and knew we had to get involved.

Founded by Abigail Lopez-Byrd, Color Compton is an organization geared towards working with the youth to build community relationships among people of color while exploring identity and creating art.

Through hands-on workshops, summer internships, scholarships and mentorship programs, Color Compton empowers students in the Compton community by diving into the city’s rich history and the histories of people of color, all while introducing art as a form of communication. Beyond art, the students gain leadership skills and learn to play a critical role in community activism.

Color Compton opened their first physical space right before the pandemic and have made sure to continue their programming during the past year in creative and safe ways. You can check out student’s past work by clicking here.


Video courtesy of GirlSpace International

We are so excited to be able to amplify their message and contribute to this beautiful and deeply important organization.

Click here to donate and get involved!