October 28, 2019

Cool Earth is an organization that is dedicated to the preservation of the world's tropical rainforests. Rainforest around the tropics produces 20% of Earth's oxygen as well as 1/5 of all freshwater and is home to over 6 million species of plants and animals (that’s 2/3 of our planet’s biodiversity, the majority of which we haven’t even studied yet!). With half of the world’s rainforest lost over the past forty years, a people-focused approach to conservation is now essential. Cool Earth empowers those who live in rainforest communities. Instead of buying land, creating reserves or building fences, they work alongside indigenous villages, allowing local people to decide how and where funds are spent.

Additionally, Cool Earth helps members of these communities build sustainable livelihoods that thrive. This creates strong and financially resilient communities that can stand up to today’s ever-growing industrial pressures.

It's all about keeping rainforest standing strong, rather than leaving it vulnerable for clearing. Cool Earth’s community-led approach is helping to protect rainforest in three continents across six countries, village by village. You will help them to protect our Earth, our oxygen, and indigenous lands when you shop with us this season.

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