October 07, 2021

One of our core principles at LACAUSA is making sure that all workers involved in the creation of our garments are paid fair, livable wages. Ethical manufacturing also ensures that working conditions for all team members are healthy and humane. 

COVID-19 has shown us that many of the most crucial jobs are often the least protected and the most vulnerable. Manufacturing across all industries is being exposed for its underlying exploitation, and unfortunately this is especially true within the fashion industry. Many manufacturers are operating their factories with dangerously unclean conditions, failing to social distance or enact proper sanitation practices. The industry has seen some of the largest outbreaks in all of LA County (many of these factories are producing the essential masks and PPE that keep the rest of us safe during these trying times). On top of the unsafe working conditions, garment workers often do not receive benefits from their employers and will not have paid sick leave if they do fall ill; leading to loss of income, food insecurity, and inability to pay bills.

We have decided to partner with our friends at Garment Worker Center here in Los Angeles to help them on their mission to build power from the bottom up for social and economic justice in our local apparel industry. Throughout the next few months, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the GWC COVID-19 Relief Fund for LA Garment Workers. These funds will go directly to Garment Workers who are in need.
GWC is also currently working to pass the Garment Worker Protection Act, a bill we support wholeheartedly. Please read more and sign the petition here to make your support known to our elected officials.

Garment Worker Center is a worker rights organization leading an anti-sweatshop movement to improve conditions for tens of thousands of Los Angeles garment workers. Through direct organizing, GWC develops leaders who demand enforcement of strong labor laws and accountability from factory owners, manufacturers, and fashion brands. They center immigrant workers, women of color, and their families who are impacted by exploitation in the fashion industry. GWC hope that Los Angeles garment workers can transform the fashion industry to eliminate sweatshop labor for good. Workers lead the fight for safe and dignified workplaces with fair wages.
Learn more about GWC here and donate directly to the Relief Fund here.