April 01, 2020

Lunch On Me is a Los Angeles based non profit dedicated to ending starvation while providing wellness programs for LA’s homeless communities. LOM brings organic, nutritious meals to Skid Row six days a week.

Food scraps are the #1 material sent to landfills, with 30-40% of food supply going uneaten. By redistributing food that would otherwise be wasted, LOM is able to reach over 10,000 people each month with their healthy and delicious meals. LOM gives back through various initiatives including drive-by food drop offs that service 200-400 people in a single afternoon and monthly block parties serving 500+ people. Beyond working to end hunger through organic meals at these events, they offer free haircuts, manicures, as well as spiritual healing through yoga and meditation classes. 
In the event of coronavirus, Lunch On Me is also working to get food to Los Angeles children affected by school closures. Meals and snacks at schools or child care centers fulfill up to 2/3 of children’s daily nutritional needs and in many cases can be healthier than what kids receive at home. For some, school lunches are their only meals. The current situation is completely unprecedented and we wanted to partner with a trusted organization who is working locally in LA to make sure we get food and care to children and disadvantaged communities at large. This season, a percentage of proceeds will be donated biweekly to LOM while COVID-19 continues to unfold. 

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