June 04, 2019

Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Focusing on things like clean water, coastal preservation, ocean protection, beach access, and plastic pollution, their team of over 50 members (and large network of volunteers) manage these initiatives across their many chapters. In California alone, Surfrider has launched over 30 campaigns and legislation support in the last 22 years, focusing heavily on coastal preservation. 

With things like plastic pollution, oil spills and coastal erosions threatening our oceans and beaches, we felt summer was the perfect season to align with Surfrider, specifically our local LA chapter.

Some Los Angeles campaigns include:
One Watershed, a program connecting inner city students to the coast through surfing.
Rise Above Plastics, a program focused on eliminating single-use plastics at the source. Surfrider is currently working on campaigns to bring comprehensive waste reduction ordinances to the city of Los Angeles, as well as a statewide campaign to pass SB 54, the California Circular Economy and Plastic Reduction Act.
Climate Committee works within the community to increase climate literacy through carbon conscious events and fundraising efforts for native kelp restoration in the Santa Monica Bay.
Stay up to date with the Surfrider Foundation mission by following them here and checking on their website for updates on new campaigns, events and more. If you're an Angelino, make sure to visit the LA chapter website for a list of ocean friendly restaurants they've partnered with to reduce waste.  These restaurants have been approved for their ocean-friendly practices, so you can rest easier knowing that local businesses are taking big steps towards a cleaner future for our planet.