October 07, 2021

The COVID19 pandemic has exposed longstanding problems in many manufacturing industries. We’ve learned that the most crucial jobs are often the least protected and the most vulnerable. Not only is fashion being forced to reckon with its overproduction and exploitation of it’s workforce, the agricultural industry is also facing a similar confrontation with its own parallel issues. Many skilled laborers work in fields for long hours each day, enduring extreme weather conditions and natural disasters (all products of climate change!) and now they face a pandemic as well - all to put food on the table for the rest of us. Many farm workers are finding it nearly impossible to mitigate the risk of infection as they often work and live in close quarters. 

We wanted to focus our efforts this season on an organization that empowers and provides resources to these communities. 

The United Farmworkers Foundation serve over 90,000 immigrants annually, offering critical services and engages their constituents in system change to break the cycle of poverty that many in this industry experience. They offer tools such as legal aid and education, while helping to civically engage and organize farmworkers to advocate for more equitable policies. 

Follow UFW here, volunteer or sign the #FARMACT petition.