May 22, 2017

This quarter, LACAUSA will be partnering with Waterkeeper Alliance. Waterkeeper is a global network of grassroots leaders and allies fighting for every community's right to clean water. Founded in 1999, it is the largest and fastest growing nonprofit dedicated solely to clean water. 

Waterkeeper's story began in 1966 when fishermen on the Hudson River united to form The Hudson River Fishermen’s Association and went on to face (and beat!) many of the nations top polluters in order to preserve their local water for their families and community. In 1983 they hired their first full-time Riverkeeper to patrol the waters and enforce clean practices. Things kept growing and expanding into a global effort against water pollution and damaging industrial practices. Today, over 300 Waterkeeper Organizations and Affiliates exist on six continents; protecting rivers, lakes and coastal waterways.

Throughout the summer season, 10% of our online proceeds will go to benefit drinkable, swimmable, fishable water around the world.

click here to learn more about Waterkeeper Alliance and donate further.